​​​​AUG 2020
Isle Royale seems like the mythical island that only exists on maps and imagination and isn't real until you see it through the mist and fog. I spent a week diving the shipwrecks of the north coast of this rugged and remote island and its already beginning to feel like a dream. With Isle Royale Charters

JUL 2020

Well 2020 has not been the year any of us expected, so diving plans have been more seat-of-the-pants this year. I was super lucky to visit northern Michigan and dive 3 of the 5 Great Lakes in one trip. A new camera system was tested out and I ended up making a very special visit to the shipwreck 'Uganda'. You can see some of the photos in Shipwreck Central.

FEB 2020
I was completely amazed by the number and quality of caves we were able to explore and photograph in Portugal! Partnering with Portugal Dive, I was able to visit some remote and incredibly unique systems. You can find a few photos here.

NOV 2019
A relaxing trip to visit the beautiful Cenotes of Mexico with Under the Jungle. There's a reason this is one of the most popular caving destinations in the world - they're gorgeous!

AUG 2019
An incredible trip to a recently found shipwreck in Georgian Bay . This piece of history is so beautiful I gave it it's own


JAN 2019
This new year is shaping up to be pretty fun! Some cool trips are being planned around the Great Lakes and one more trip this winter to the Florida springs for some further training. Time to work through some of last years photos and dream of warmer days on the water!





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