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​​​​​​​​AUG 2020
Isle Royale seems like the mythical island that only exists on maps and imagination and isn't real until you see it through the mist and fog. I spent a week diving the shipwrecks of the north coast of this rugged and remote island with Isle Royale Charters.  It's already beginning to feel like a dream.

JUL 2020

Well 2020 has not been the year any of us expected, so diving plans have been more seat-of-the-pants this year. I was super lucky to visit northern Michigan and dive 3 of the 5 Great Lakes in one trip. A new camera system was tested out and I ended up making a very special visit to the shipwreck 'Uganda'. You can see some of the photos in Shipwreck Central.

FEB 2020
I was completely amazed by the number and quality of caves we were able to explore and photograph in Portugal! Partnering with Portugal Dive, I was able to visit some remote and incredibly unique systems. You can find a few photos here.

NOV 2019
A relaxing trip to visit the beautiful Cenotes of Mexico with Under the Jungle. There's a reason this is one of the most popular caving destinations in the world - they're gorgeous!

AUG 2019
An incredible trip to a recently found shipwreck in Georgian Bay call the 'Manasoo'. This piece of history is so beautiful I gave it it's own




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